MOJOW Furniture | Luminous Yoko Pouffe | Black Aluminum Frame | LED Light System



Illuminate your living space with the MOJOW Furniture Luminous Yoko Pouffe—an artful blend of contemporary design and eco-responsible craftsmanship. This pouffe transcends the ordinary, featuring a frosted seat available in a spectrum of vibrant colors—choose from orange, green, pink, blue, or classic white to suit your style.

Dazzling Illumination: The Yoko Pouffe comes alive with a built-in LED light system powered by a rechargeable battery. Effortlessly set the mood with the included remote control, allowing you to turn the pouffe on/off and customize the lighting duration.

Versatile Elegance: Crafted for both indoor and outdoor use, this pouffe effortlessly complements any space. Its sleek black aluminum frame adds a modern touch, making it a comfortable and unique addition to your poolside, terrace, or garden.

Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Embrace sustainability with the ultra-strong eco-friendly TPU material and aluminum frame. Transparent TPU models allow sunlight to permeate, keeping the pouffe cool even in direct sunlight.


  • Poids: 7.9 kilogram
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 150 kilogram
  • Material: Ultra-Strong Eco-Friendly TPU And Aluminum Frame.
  • TPU: New Highly Resistant, Recyclable And Biodegradable, Odorless And Chlorine Free Material
  • Luminous: Yes
  • Sizes dimension: 40x70x62 kilogram
  • Highly resistant TPU
  • Suitable for animals
  • UV Protection
  • Reinforced welding
  • Seating comfort
  • Care: Use soapy water or ice-cream detergent. Do not use alcohol or acetone.