Paddywax Hygge Candle | Vetiver + Cardamom

By Paddywax



The word "Hygge," directly translates to, "coziness," in Danish. Whether it's curling up by the fire with a warm cup of tea or holding a loved one's hand during a walk through the park; we're sure you know the feeling. This Scandinavian-inspired aromatic candle seeks to bring comfort and serenity to the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. 

Leading with fresh, clean top notes of eucalyptus and  lime, the Vetiver & Cardamom Hygge Candle from Paddywax breaks the mould with its enticing scent and welcoming glow. As this complex scent diffuses through the air, a striking heart of musky vetiver and sandalwood gives way to light base notes of spicy cedar and sweet vanilla.

  • Hand poured with 100% soy wax
  • Size: 15 oz
  • Scent: Vetiver + Cardamom
  • Made in Nashville Tennesse  (USA)
  • Model number: HY19