Poler Rucksack Backpack | Khaki

By Poler


Poler has updated their classic vintage Black Rucksack Backpack. But first, what in the world is a "rucksack?" Rucken is German and means back, sack means bag. Rucksack sounds more efficient than back bag. What's different in this version? The laptop is now accessible from the outside via it's own zipper compartment, two side pouches were added and this season there are new colors and patterns. This one is a stylish black with tan straps and details. Sehr gut! That's German for very good.

  • 20" x 12" x 6" / 25 Liters / 1528 cu. in. (vol. includes side pouches.)
  • Campdura body fabric
  • Nylon lined
  • High tensile strength nylon seatbelt webbing
  • Camp Vibes embossed leather pull tabs
  • Custom Poler clip
  • Model 712019-KHA