T. LeClerc Eyebrow Mascara

By T. LeClerc



A filling effect for a well-defined, long-lasting arch. Easy to apply.

Nothing could be more trendy than a perfectly penciled arched brow! Théophile LeClerc’s brow-defining mascara restructures the brow arch for instantly more intense, lifted eyes. The special brush styles and defines brows the way you want. Whether you’re looking for a natural effect or a dramatic eyebrow, this brow mascara is formulated to give you what you want. It sets brows and delivers intense color that lasts all day long. It’s waterproof and heatproof, making it perfect for everyday use.

In the Formula

Beeswax facilitates application and coats each hair. The setting effect ensures the pigments stay in place on each hair.


Apply by lightly brushing brows. Watch as they immediately increase in volume.


  • Brand: T.LeClerc
  • Finish: Gives an Amazing touch
  • Unit Count: 1.00 Count