T. LeClerc Transparent Lipstick

By T. LeClerc



Natural-effect lip color with an incredibly comfortable, slightly glossy finish.

Théophile LeClerc’s sheer-coverage lipstick is the perfect way to get natural-looking color with intense comfort and softness. The mild texture adorns lips lightly with excellent lasting power. The formula is specifically designed to enhance volume and accentuate shine. It is pure happiness for deliciously plump lips!

In the Formula

The formula for T.LeClerc’s sheer-coverage lipstick is enriched with vegetable oils and waxes that deliver true comfort and feel light and airy when applied. Candelilla wax has film-forming properties that are perfectly suited to dry lips.


You can apply Théophile LeClerc’s sheer-coverage lipstick as the final touch to your make-up look, as an elegant touch-up in the middle of a crowd, or any other way you want. At home, apply it with T.LeClerc’s PIN11 brush to perfect the shape of your lips. With its light texture, it can be applied alone for a nude effect or in addition to a pout-defining lip contour line for more sophisticated results.


  • Brand: T.LeClerc
  • Finish: Gives an Amazing Glossy touch
  • Skin Type: All, Combination
  • Unit Count: 1.00 Count