T. LeClerc Waterproof Mascara | 01 Noir Mwn

By T. LeClerc



An intense black volume enhancer that can stand up to exertion and emotion!

Théophile LeClerc’s waterproof mascara guarantees long-lasting lash make-up that stands up to anything, including humid conditions, sweat, tears, and water sports. The waterproof formula makes for voluminous lashes. The gel texture, enriched with enveloping agents, goes on easily and won't clump, leaving lashes coated in a deep black shade that lasts all day. The incredibly flexible silicone brush grabs lashes one by one to coat them from root to tip for high-precision make-up.

In the Formula

Enriched with carnauba and candelilla waxes, the formula adheres strongly to lashes and increases density from the first coat. Beeswax gives this mascara a rich texture that’s easy to work with and won’t clump up.


For easy application, look downwards as you apply the mascara from the roots of the lashes outwards. For a glamorous “doe eye” effect, focus on the outer lashes. To get an innocent, “baby doll eye” look, apply the mascara on all of the upper lashes. This will make your eyes look wider.


  • Brand: T.LeClerc
  • Finish: Gives an Amazing touch
  • Unit Count: 1.00 Count