Every collection on our website is carefully curated and each product hand-picked. Below we explain the 4 pillars that drive our decision making.


    The quality of a product is one of our most important deciding factors on whether a product will meet our standards. Candles need to have a good burn-time and smell great at the same time. Kayaks need to be made out of a durable material so they can handle dozens of trips down the river without compromising safety. Clothing items should not only be fashionable, but comfortable to wear too. After all, it can look or smell good, but we ensure that every product is suitable for real-world use.


    Beyond quality, we partner with brands who follow a considered approach toward craftmanship. Many of our partners use distinct methods to craft their products. From CrashBaggage, who's travelbags are dented with sledge-hammers, to Skeppshult, who's cast-iron cookware boasts a 100-year-old artisinal method, we honor brands with reliable, timeless, and distinct craftmanship.


    From humble beginnings in backyards and garages to corporate offices and massive warehouses, many of our brands have sacrificed immensly to be where they are today. We recognize where these brands come from, where they are now, and what their aspirations are for the future. Stories connect people and inspire courage, and we hope that as you get to know our partnered brands and their stories, you too will be inspired by their determination and passion.


    It's no surprise in today's day and age that we are contributing toward global warming by the way we live and shop. That is why we love brands who are making an intentional effort in reducing their environmental footprint. Whether it's by minimizing the amount of plastic they use in their products, or making sure that their products are manufactured within the same state to reduce their carbon footprint with transportation, we have an uncomprimising approach to and appreciation for brands who are commited to creating lasting and sustainable change.