Advanced Elements Dropstitch Floor

By Advanced Elements

Kayak Fit:

Advanced Elements utilizes cutting edge technology and innovative designs for paddlesport products with maximum portability, durability and reliability. The RigidForm Dropstitch Floor is a high-pressure inflatable floor that gives your kayak a huge boost in rigidity and strengthens the structure, increasing your speed and tracking. The easy install allows you to replace your original floor with the dropstitch, inflate, and you're ready to kayak. With the AdvancedFrame models you can use a valve adaptor to keep it secure and allow you to kayak in comfort and security. 

  • Fits AdvancedFrame, Expedition, Sport, Lagoon2 and Convertible Kayaks
  • Inflate to 6 psi
  • Comes with valve adaptor
  • Models: AE-DS1012, AE-DS1009, AE-DS1007