Ameo Powerbreather Fresh Air Snorkel | Lap

By Ameo PowerBreather


Revolutionize the way you swim with the Power Breather Lap Snorkel. This brilliant snorkel utilizes a symmetrical design with air vents on either side of your head, so you're getting dry, oxygen rich air even during a side stroke. The front vent on the other side of the mouth piece allows you to exhale directly into the water, so there is no CO2 from your exhalation as with traditional snorkels. The Lap Kit includes 2 flip vents, which allow you to do flip turns without any water getting into the Power Breather. Join the ranks of professional and recreation swimmers across the globe and improve your endurance with the Power Breather Fresh Air Lap Snorkel.

  • Weight: 220 grams / 7.8 oz
  • Dimensions: 14.5" x  7.75" x  1.5"
  • Modular 2-way ventilation system
  • Quick attachment with maximum comfort
  • D shaped profile for optimal ventilation
  • Perfect for flat water swimming without flip turns
  • Kit contains:
      • 1 Powerbreather
      • 2 Speed Vents
      • 2 Flip Vents
      • 1 case
  • Model: A-PB01010-000