Ameo Powerbreather Fresh Air Snorkel | Sport Pink

By Ameo Powerbreather


The Ameo power breather sport is an innovative piece of sports equipment for swimmers of all levels, recreational athletes and triathletes as well as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and leisure. It is suitable for swimmers practicing endurance or recreational swimming. It eases the start into a new type of sports for swimming beginners and freestyle novices. For health-seeking users, it is a simplification of the motion sequence while swimming for relief. The ameo power breather sport can be extended with additional accessories, e. G. For flip turns or use in open water.

Product Data:

  • Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm
  • Weight: 220 gram
  • Color: white/pink


  • 1 Powerbreather: innovative breathing snorkel with intelligent AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM für 100% fresh air. For relaxed and focused swimming with fresh and dry breathing air, clear view, and perfect, secure fit.
  • 2 Speed Vent easy S: cap with membrane for pool
  • 1 soft case with zipping: and vents for safe storage


  • AMEO FRESH AIR System: Innovative 2-way-system-for fresh, oxygen-rich breathing air and free D-Tubes
  • SPEED VENT: Quickly reacting vent and flexible adaption to different fields of use and training goals
  • EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION: Quick positioning with precise fit and great wearing comfort
  • TWIST LOCK SYSTEM: Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head
  • D-TUBES: D-shaped profile for a comfortable and secure fit while optimizing airflow (internal) and flow resistance (external)