Amundsen Women's Field Slacks

By Amundsen Sports


Designed for the Oceans and Mountains. Take a look at the Amundsen Women's Field Slacks. The high quality slacks are made of FOV cordura for flexibility and reinforced with a waxed cotton canvas. The slacks include buttons for securing pockets and loops inside for holding tools and accessing equipment.

Product ID: WPA53.1.590, WPA53.1.620, WPA53.1.010, WPA53.1.520

  • Stretch cordura from FOV Sweden
  • Double layer cordura yokes on thighs and back
  • Loop in side for holding tools and other easy access equipment
  • Button for securing the pockets
  • Watch pocket in waxed cotton in signature weathered red colour – from British Millerain.
  • Made in UK