Aquaglide Rebound 20 Inflatable Trampoline | Yellow/Blue/Black

By Aquaglide


There is nothing more satisfying than being propelled into the air, gliding effortlessly, and landing with a safe, loud splash. To keep these visceral experiences coming, Aquaglide has crafted the 20' Rebound Trampoline. Constructed from Aquaglide's rugged Duratex Material and 316 stainless steel, the Rebound offers the same exciting bounce of metal frame trampolines without any of the inconvenient maintenance. To ensure even the little ones can Board the Rebound Inflatable Trampoline with ease, Aquaglide has outfitted it with a Swimstep boarding platform and heavy-duty moulded handles. 

  • Capacity: 7
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year
  • Dimensions: 19'7" x 19'7" (6 m x 6 m)
  • Height: 3'2" (1 m)
  • Min. Water Depth: 8' (2,4 m)
  • Model: 58-5213005