Architectmade FJ Clock 25 by Finn Juhl | Wall Decor | Teakwood and Aluminum

By Architectmade


Elevate your interior decor with the Architectmade Finn Juhl FJ Clock. Originally crafted by renowned designer Finn Juhl for the United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber. The clock's circular and concave shape perfectly complements the natural teakwood and aluminum construction, while the aluminum dots add a touch of modernity. Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the FJ Clock ensures precise timekeeping with its meticulously curved aluminum hour and minute hands. Each clock features a unique wood pattern, making it a true work of art. Choose between the rich teak wood and aluminum version or the sophisticated ash wood with a stained finish, both designed to enhance any interior setting. With a 25 cm diameter, this clock is compact yet eye-catching, fitting seamlessly into any space. Upgrade your decor today and embrace the enduring beauty of Finn Juhl's iconic design.

TIMELESS ELEGANCE: The Architectmade Finn Juhl FJ Clock boasts a classic circular and concave design that exudes timeless elegance and makes it a captivating addition to any interior decor.

FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP: Meticulously crafted with precision, this wall clock showcases the natural beauty of teakwood and aluminum that reflects exceptional attention to detail in its construction.

ACCURATE TIMEKEEPING: The clock's aluminum hour and minute hands are expertly curved along the wooden surface, ensuring precise and reliable timekeeping.


  • Model no. FJ Clock 25
  • Design Year: 1950
  • Made from teakwood (for 25 Natural) or ash wood with stained finish (for 25/35 black)
  • The circular and concave shape
  • Hour and minute hands are aluminum and curved for precision
  • The diameter is 25 cm
  • Weight is varied based on wood type and design
  • Perfect for wall decor and timekeeping
  • Easy to install
  • Unique wood patterns
  • Suitable for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more
  • Makes an excellent gift choice for architecture enthusiasts and art lovers
  • Designed by Finn Juhl