Artemide Lineacurve Wall/Ceiling Light | 36 Mono LED 30W 3000K 90CRI DIM 2-Wire UNV

By Artemide


LineaCurve Mono Dual Wall/Ceiling Light features an extruded aluminum body in textured finish with matching aluminum end caps. Choice of color temperature. The LineaCurve Ceiling light's extrusion design seamlessly covers the junction box, adding to its sleek and modern appearance. With end caps in aluminum, the LineaCurve Ceiling light ensures both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.


  • Extrusion covers junction box dimension
  • Body in extruded aluminum
  • End caps in aluminum
  • Delivered Lumens: 1280lm
  • Light Output Ratio: 43.5lm/W
  • Power Consumption: 29.4W
  • Led Type: 25W Array
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): >90
  • Life Expectancy: 50000Hrs
  • Control Type: Dimmable 2-Wire
  • Input Voltage: 120-277V
  • Driver: Hatch - 1 x XTC34-1050P-UNV-I