Artemide Pipe Suspension LED Light | 28W 2700K 90CRI DIM 2-WIRE UNV

By Artemide


The Pipe lights have a flexibly bendable light arm of metal, coated with a silicone flexible. It fluidly connects with the funnel-like light head and fascinates with its organic design. This impression is reinforced by the conical mounting for the wall and ceiling because the flexibility seems to seamlessly adapt to it. The floor lamp has a base with a fancy shape resembling a car tire. Only the upper part of the floor lamp's stem is flexible, the lower part is rigid, even if it forms a visible unity because of the silicone cover. Head and ceiling rose are made of polycarbonate with soft-touch paint. An aluminum reflector in the light head directs the light and provides a beautiful design detail. The silicone cover was treated against yellowing.


  • Arm is flexible and adjustable
  • Perforations on the reflector allow for a unique lighting effect
  • Structure in steel covered with a natural anti-yellowing silicone case
  • Diffuser in transparent polycarbonate with rubber-effect coat
  • Internal reflector made of specular with random perforations
  • Delivered Lumens: 1763lm
  • Light Output Ratio: 65.3lm/W
  • Power Consumption: 27W
  • Led Type: 25W C.O.B.
  • CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): 2700K
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): >90
  • Life Expectancy: 50000Hrs
  • Control Type: Dimmable 2-Wire
  • Input Voltage:120-277V
  • Driver: Hatch - 1 x XTC32-0700P-UNV-I