Artisan & Artist 301N Silk Camera Strap | Black

By Artisan&Artist


Produced in a renowned and long-established artisan shop in Kyoto, the Silk Cord Strap is among the most distinctive and innovative camera straps in the world. Silk, traditionally worn in Japan by aristocrats and respected for its beauty, makes for the perfect texture to hold a camera around your neck while staying comfortable. Great for winding around your wrist or tying short to prevent from inhibiting your shot, this strap attains the highest level of luxury among camera straps. Comfort, sleek design and utility, all are fulfilled in this camera strap.

  • WEIGHT: 40g
  • BODY SIZE: L980(±5)x 8φmm
  • MATERIAL: Silk, Leather (Italian)
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Made in Japan
  • Model: ACAM 301N BLK