Ass Savers Mudder Front Tire Mudguard | Black

By Ass Savers


The Front Tire Mudder Mudguard is designed to keep the muck out of your eyes while you bomb down that dirtbag of a trail you love so much. Thankfully, the Mudder also ensures you won't be having soil for lunch.  In true Ass Savers spirit, this front tire mudguard takes aa utilitarian, minimalist approach. The end result is a mudguard that has an unobtrusive design and unmatched performance. The design features innovative tire-hugging deflectors that can be adjusted so no dirt shall pass!

  • Measures: 237x154 mm 
  • Weight: 18 g 
  • Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)
  • Deflectors increase efficiency
  • Easy to mount with included zipties 
  • Fits all suspension forks with a fork bridge
  • Super lightweight, only 18 grams
  • Suitable for all wheel sizes
  • Model: MRF-1-BLK