Banshu Hamono Misuzu Kitchen Knife

By Banshu Hamono


The Misuzu is a  versatile, all-purpose kitchen knife that is 9" long and brilliant for the preparation of meat, fish, or vegetables. The blade is composed of layers of softer steal wrapped around a core of hardened steel that is exposed only on the cutting edge. This makes the blade resistant to corrosion and helps to maintain strength and durability. 

With an octagonal shape and and a decorative collar crafted from buffalo horn, the handle of this knife is a true work of artisan craftsmanship. Each Banshu Hamono Kitchen Knife comes wrapped in locally woven fabric, and is packaged in a beautiful Kiri wood box.

  • Made in Japan
  • Hand-made by skilled craftsmen
  • Produced using the same techniques utilized since 1744
  • 9” long
  • Octagonal wood handle with buffalo horn