Beija Flor Armenian Floor Mat | Blue

By Beija Flor


Classic European tile-inspired design vinyl floor mat. Repeating eight-point star motif with ornate detailing in shades of electric blue, light blue, and white. Made with love and care, Beija Flor mats are designed to enhance your living space with elegance and beauty. Super durable, multilayer technical grade vinyl. Partially recycled. Made in Israel.


  • Material: Vinyl Sheet
  • Size: Small - 60 x 80 cm, Runner - 68 x 180 cm & Medium - 60 x 97 cm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Cleaning: Wash the mat with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry. Do not use acid or bleach
  • Special Care: Do not drag heavy furniture across the mat. Do not fold the mat. Store either flat or rolled