Benson Smart Tech II Collection Watch Winder

By Benson


The new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders are powerful but also durable and remain very quiet in the long term. The luminous touchscreen display allows you to set the turning direction and the desired number of turns per day for your automatic watches. With the special power winding feature you can wind your watches very quickly if needed. The LED lighting inside the watch winder provides a unique view on your automatic watches. The specially developed watch holders are suitable for big and small watches, and for gents and ladies watches (big and small wrist size) because of the unique spring system. The drawer provides extra storage space for other watches and jewellery such as rings, cuff-links, bracelets or earrings.


  • Adjustable Turns Per Day: Yes
  • Energy efficient: Yes
  • Individually programmable rotors: Yes
  • LED lightning: Yes
  • Noiseless: Yes
  • Overwind protection: Yes
  • Power winding: Yes
  • Start/stop system: Yes
  • Touchscreen display: Yes
  • Weight:
  • Double: 9.2 lbs
    Quad: 12 lbs
    Six: 14.3 lbs
  • Size Specs: (LxWxH):
    Double: 18x25x24 cm
    Quad: 18x25x35 cm
    Six: 18x25x50 cm
  • Storage for: 2, 4, 6 watches plus drawer
  • Interior color: Black
  • Glass material: Mineral glass
  • Watch winder material: Wood
  • Power supply: Adapter (line current)
  • Program: 3 programs (CW, CC, Alt)
  • Watch winder color: Black
  • Motor type: Japanese
  • Suitable for: 2, 4 and 6 watches