BK Cookware 12" Wok | Black Steel

By BK Cookware


With the Wokarang we’ve reimagined the classic wok. Stir your ingredients by simply pushing your ingredients with your spatula to the bowl-shaped edge. Your ingredients will fall back into the pan—we call this the Boomerang Effect. Never stir food out of the pan again. The signature concave edge also lets you turn large pieces of fish and meat with ease.


  • REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN: Unique, bowl-shaped edge lets you stir fry, turn, and mix your food with ease.
  • AWARD-WINNING: Red Dot Design Award, Good Industrial Design Award, Design Plus Award, and more!
  • BOOMERANG EFFECT: Toss your ingredients effortlessly by pushing them against the inward-sloping side.
  • CONSISTENT HEAT: You never have to toss your ingredients and or lift your Wokarang off the heat.
  • DURABLE NONSTICK: PFOA-free Teflon® Platinum Plus nonstick coating
  • CLEANER STIR FRY: No more spills, no more messy stovetop—stir-frying has never been so effortless.
  • QUICK, EVEN COOKING: Aluminum core ensures rapid heating and even heat distribution.