Bloon Vegan Leather French Sitting Ball

By Bloon Paris


Inspired by the Original collection, the Bloon Leather Like has been designed to bring a touch of aesthetics to your interior. Its seat, lower and wider than the Original model, makes it the perfect booster seat for your living room and meeting spaces!


  • Hand made in Portugal

  • Anti-ballasted base (truly weighted, we guarantee it!)

  • Carrying handle

  • Permanent access to the valve to adjust the hardness of the seat

  • French design by DE LUSSAC

  • Supplied with a pump



Diameter Ø 50-55 cm (2 kg)


  • Weighted and non-slip base that prevents the Bloon from rolling (Innovation),

  • Belt serving as a carrying handle,

  • Permanent access to the inflation valve to easily adjust the hardness of the seat.


  • Cover in imitation leather, anti-stain treatment.

  • Environmentally friendly fabrics (Oeko-tex Standard 100 certification)

  • High friction resistance > 30,000 (Martindale test) - max 120 kg

    Robust and anti-burst phthalate-free PVC balloon

Useful information

  • Included: PVC balloon, valves, remover, and a hand pump,

  • Delivered deflated or inflated (optional)

  • Design DE LUSSAC (France),

  • Handcrafted in Portugal.


Gym ball, office seat, booster seat, design object ... the use of the Bloon seat is multiple!

What is certain is that regular use of the Bloon contributes to muscle building and good postural support.

  • Strengthening of the deep muscles: thanks to the micro-stabilization movement performed when you are sitting on a bloon, you work your support muscles (abdominals, glutes, back) and strengthen your sheathing for a more toned silhouette.

  • Reduction of the harms of prolonged sitting posture: sitting for hours on an office chair, as ergonomic as it is, requires no muscle and causes pressure on the spine and intervertebral discs, almost inevitably leading to pain backbones. The dynamic nature of the spherical seat helps reduce stress on the spine by avoiding static posture and helping to maintain good posture.

  • Dynamic setting: yes, working on a Bloon requires more effort than sitting in a chair, but you have to see the bright side: better blood circulation, more calories burned every day, gymnastics continues in a way!

Kevin Rayess, DO Osteopath