Caddis 12 Bar Blue Light Rx Reading Glasses | Heritage Green

By Caddis


Caddis Bar Reading Glasses

With glass for days and bold lines that make a statement, these frames aren’t wallflowers. Great for reading, writing but not welding. Our 12 Bar frames are made of 100% acetate and cut with exact precision with a musical note on the tip of the arm.

Blue Light Blocking Frequency Lenses

Their desired effect is to be a head-turner for anyone who gets in their line of sight. All 12 Bar readers come with our proprietary blue light blocking frequency lenses.


  • Best-in-class frequency lenses. Technology is infused in + blocks 45% of harmful blue light. 
  • CR39 lens
  • Superior hard coat for anti scratch durability
  • Anti-reflective coatings to mitigate reflections and glare.
  • Super hydro-phobic and oleo-phobic coatings for anti-smudge
  • Handcrafted acetate designs utilizing state of the art CNC and finishing for fit, function, and durability.