Coltellerie Berti Insieme Pesto Knife | 6" full tang blade White Lucite

By Coltellerie Berti


Insieme Pesto Knives by Berti are the key to perfect pesto. This knife helps you expertly chop all the ingredients by hand. This knife style is similar to the chef’s knife, except it has a broad blade and a rounded tip allowing for greater rocking of the knife for extremely fine mincing. Named for the mincing of basil necessary for making pesto, this knife is ideal for any fine mincing, including garlic and all varieties of herbs. Each knife in the Insieme collection comes with a magnetized wood block.


  • Handle Material: Lucite, a high quality, trademarked acrylic resin.
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crafted with Full Tang - This type of handle is in two halves and then anchored to the blade or metal, one on each side. This is the strongest of the tang types.
  • This knifes' blade was forged in Berti’s traditional crafting process.
  • Total length: 12"
  • Blade length: 6.7"
  • Hand wash only