Coltellerie Berti Sharpening Steel | 8" anchorned tang blade Ox Horn

By Coltellerie Berti


The Knife Sharpener by Berti is the ideal tool for sharpening your kitchen knives. This sharpener has a rugged rod allowing for easy sharpening. This tool is best used to maintain a sharp blade, not to sharpen a dull blade. For the best results, sharpen before using the knife. Simply slide the blade in a sweeping motion a few times then rinse. The knife will stay sharp and the longevity will be maintained.


  • Handle Material: Ox Horn
  • Rod Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crafted with Anchored Tang - This type of blade is firmly anchored in the handle piece. The handle is one solid piece with the singular blade inserted inside.
  • The rod for this sharpener was forged in Berti’s traditional crafting process.
  • Total length: 13.4"
  • Blade length: 7.9"
  • Hand wash only