Combekk Souschef Dutch Oven | Cast Iron

By Combekk



The Sous-Chef dutch oven is perfect for slow-cooking, braising, roasting, and many other ways of cooking. 100% Recycled cast iron completely enameled with a functional design and available in three colors. 

Quality of Dutch origin

Completely enameled cast iron products with a functional design of fully recycled material.

A Dutch Oven from The Netherlands

The name “Dutch Oven” refers to an original dutch manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold. We are very proud that we are the only brand casting our full range in the Netherlands.

Iron never loses its quality

We choose to work with 100% recycled material. With a proper furnace and a balanced mix of materials, we manage to deliver the best quality without even having to dig iron ore.

  • All heating sources: Suitable for all heating sources
  • Enamel coating: Strong 1-layer enamel coating
  • Recycled iron: Casted from 100% recycled iron