D.S. & Durga Road Trip Hits Kit | Car Air Fresheners

By D.S. & Durga


Road Trip Hits Kit

DS and Durga crafts some of the most unique scents and aromas, creating perfumes and colognes that inspire and mesmerize the senses. With the Road Trip Hits Kit, you can take these scents anywhere your vehicle goes. Just hang one of the quaint air fresheners on your rearview mirror and soon you'll be enchanted by flagship scents like Portable Fireplace and Wild Brooklyn Lavender. 


D.S. & Durga was founded by a musician and an architect. Combining their two industries, Mr David Seth Moltz writes ‘songs’ in scent, while Ms Kavi Motlz designs ‘houses’ for the fragrances. The artistic pair is inspired by myriad influences, including historical movements and Americana.