Danese Milano Abchair Chair

By Danese


Abchair is a stackable seat made from a single sheet of anodized aluminium. The structure is made of two laser-cut parts that are that are shaped like teeth of a comb. These are then bent and finally joined together using as little welding as possible. The result is a chair that is light, manageable and recyclable.
The simplicity of the shape of this chair is due to its structure. A richness of technological features is hidden within it. Yet, the solution is not in the shape but in the intelligence applied to its design. The entire seat is made from one aluminum sheet; optimized to reduce material waste. The piece is reduced to the minimum: accurate welding and few folds allow its realization.
The result is a stable, light, functional, stackable seat ideal for both private and public environments as the treatment of the surface allows for outdoor use.
The essential lines make it timeless and suitable for any type of setting. The resistance, durability and ability to recycle the material used in ABChair is absolutely in tune with the eco-sustainability principles that characterize Danese products.


  • Model: Abchair chair
  • Brand: Danese
  • Designer: Paolo Rizzatto
  • Measures: 43 x 45 x 82 h; sitting h. cm. 48
  • Materials: Powder-coated metal
  • Category: chair