Danese Milano Cubo Ashtray

By Danese


Cubo is an ashtray made up of two simple elements: a cube shaped shell open on one side contains an element made of bent sheet metal. This element is designed so that the acute angle of one end of the sheet makes the ash fall inside whilst the overlap of the other end hides the contents once inside.
Anodized aluminium, melamine, non-inflammable . It is an extremely simple object: a module constituted of a small polymeric cube, open on one side, and a strip of curved steel. The object is, in fact, extremely functional: it holds the ash and cigarette ends, hides them from view, and protects against accidental spills.
The cubic ashtray, from which was born an entire family of objects, including the Canarie desk set and the free-standing ashtray, is part of the design collections of all the most important museums in the world, including the MoMA in New York.


  • Material: melamine,aluminium
  • Colors: Black, White, Orange (Cubo S Only)
  • Dimensions: Small - 6x6x6 h, Large - 8x8x8 h
  • Notes: fire-resistant, removable inner aluminum part