Danese Milano In Attesa Wastepaper Basket | Polypropylene

By Danese Milano

Throwing wastepaper just got more fun and easier that everyone from kids to executives will want it. The In Attesa trash can is an injection moulded polypropylene cylinder but the base is not perpendicular to the sides instead it is at a diagonal giving the object a considerable inclination which helps people’s aim when scoring wastepaper points. This trash bin's unique design is eye-pleasing but also improves its purpose. An additional section clip-on is included to easily separate certain waste from each other.
  • MATERIAL: polypropylene
    • IN ATTESA: black, white, opaline 
    • SCOMPARTO: black, opaline
    • IN ATTESA (wastepaper basket) - Ø26x41 h, 
    • SCOMPARTO (section for wastepaper basket) - 27x14.5x17.5 h
  • Models: DE3095A10,DE3095A20,DE3095A25