Danese Milano La Mela E La Pera Print

By Danese


La Mela e la Pera is a three-colour silkscreen print and is part of the Nature Series (Serie della Natura). The choice of these archetypal subjects and the form and technique used to represent them makes them into timeless symbols.
This simple silkscreen print in two colors belongs to the Serie della Natura Collection, which counts prints depicting natural elements in a stylized variant that does not affect their visual impact but it rather increases it. This creative process of subtraction restores the volumetric presence of the subjects through the use of solid shades.


  • Model: Tre, La Mela e La Pera Art Print
  • Brand: Danese
  • Designer: Enzo Mari
  • Measures: 78x112 cm
  • Materials: silkscreen printing
  • Category:Art Prints