Danese Milano Maiorca Fire Resistant Set Pencil Holder & Paperclip Holder

By Danese


Maiorca is a pencil and paperclip holder with fire resistant melamine shell and anodized aluminium interior fumé.
Maiorca is a functional pen holder + post holder, designed by Bruno Munari in 1958 and re-proposed today by the Danish brand. Made of melamine and aluminum. Available in two colors. Perfect to better organize your desk. Fire resistant.
Maiorca is a pencil and paper clip holder made of non-flammable melamine with interior in smoked anodized aluminum. Also suitable as a gift idea and for home use.
A pure volume encasing a multi-purpose soul. This parallelepiped-shaped design in non-flammable, black-hued melamine features a structure composed of two elements that can be set next to each other to separately serve as stylish pencil holder and as paper clips-holder, or can be stacked to fully conceal the objects housed within and serving a purely decorative, sober function. The interior is fashioned of smoky-anodized aluminum.


  • Material: melamine,aluminium
  • Colors: black, white
  • Notes: fire resistant
  • Designed BY: Bruno Munari, 1958
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 6 cm
  • Base length: 6 cm
  • Base width: 6 cm