Das Boom West Indies Everything Soap Bar | Bay Rum/Smoke/Dirt

By Das Boom



The power of a great bar of soap should not be taken for granted! The West Indies Everything Soap Bar from Das Boom can leave your skin softer and healthier after a few times used. Inspired from nights by bonfires on the Caribbean Islands, the blend of bay rum, smoke, and dirt will leave you with a refreshing scent. Not only will it keep your skin clean, but it will make you smell like a treat all day long. Its rich, moisturizing oils can be used on all skin types and will keep your skin nourished and protected. For optimal results, scrub all over your body and thoroughly rinse for a prime time wash.

  • Ingredients; Blue Green Algae: A naturally rich source of vitamins of minerals known to nourish and promote healthy skin. Rosemary Extract: An invigorating herbal extract that acts as a natural skin toner. Argan Oil: A lightweight plant oil high in essential fatty acids to moisturize and soothe skin
  • Mild cleansers remove grime without stripping skin
  • Gentle enough to use from head to toe—even on the face
  • Natural oils add moisture and soften skin
  • Made from plant-based and renewable sources
  • Model: BD-SP-BSD-4