Dr. Jackson's Everyday Oil 03 | 50ml

By Dr. Jackson's

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Remarkably versatile and packed with a myriad of powers, Dr Jackson's 03 Everyday Oil is the ideal remedy for conditioning hair after a wash, or rehydrating skin after a shave. The nourishing 03 Every Day Elixir is crafted with baobab seed oil, marula seed oil, and multiple flower extracts, making it a luscious cure to any skin care issue. Packed with natural acidity, this oil is safe for everyday use, evens skin tone, and restores elasticity for a noticeably youthful finish.

  • Apply a few drops for a deeply regenerative boost or use as needed to spot-treat dry areas
  • Suitable for all skin types; gentle on sensitive skin
  • Slight variations in colour may occur due to environmental and seasonal effects on plants used to produce natural ingredients
  • Model: DRJNP0350