Drift Volume 4 Magazine | Stockholm

By Drift


Known for their unique magazines, Drift launches their last publication for 2016 with the Volume 4 Stockholm Magazine. Drift focused on locals immersed in the coffee world and the history that brought coffee to this beautiful place. Volume 4 covers Stockholm’s coffee scene from A to Z.


  • A look into fika, the coffee ritual central to Swedish life
  • Morning at sea: A sea-faring local wakes up with coffee on the water
  • Profiles of recent Syrian and Iraqi immigrants assimilating overfika
  • A photo series dedicated to mysig and exceptional Swedish design
  • Why specialty coffee is a hard sell in Stockholm
  • Profiles of teens facing an uncertain future
  • A look into one of the city’s devil-may-care roasters
  • How progressive Swedish environmentalism turned cafes onto unexpected ingredients
  • And much more...

      • 160 pages,
      • Offset-printed and perfect bound
      • Full color on uncoated paper
      • Carbon neutral printing
      • No ads