Droog Bottoms Up Electromagnet Doorbell | Stainless Steel

By Droog


The object we associate with doors bells, a square box, offers no insight into how a door bell functions. Droog has once again challenged the status quo with their Stainless Steel Bottoms Up Doorbell. Leaving nothing hidden, this doorbell holds two crystal wine glasses upside down with an electromagnet. When anyone pushed the doorbell an electric pulse gently moves the metal hammer that rests between the wine glasses, to make a pleasant chiming sound. Offer each one of your guests a musical toast as they come through the door with the Electromagnet Bottoms Up Doorbell by Droog. 

  • Year: 1994 
  • Brand: Droog 
  • Material: electromagnet, stainless steel, wineglasses 
  • Product Size: 25 x 9 x 24 cm / 9.8"x 3.5" x 9.4"
  • Package Size: 26 x 26 x 10 cm
  • Package Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Model: DD-031 00