D.S. & Durga Chanukah in the Desert Candle | 7oz



Elevate your festivities with the captivating D.S. & Durga Chanukah in the Desert Candle. This 7-ounce candle transports you to ancient landscapes with its enticing fragrance, featuring top notes of Cypress and Balm Of Gilead, heart notes of Desert Juniper and Cedar, and base notes of Saffron and Amber. Immerse yourself in the essence of the Holy Land, with the aromatic allure of Levant resins and deep desert shrubbery. Experience a deep and spicy, full-bodied winter aroma that perfectly complements the Chanukah holiday spirit. This candle is your armchair ticket to a desert adventure, making it an ideal addition to your festivities or a thoughtful gift. Embrace the desert-inspired magic of Chanukah with every burn.

Unique Desert-inspired Fragrance: Experience the allure of ancient amber, Levant resins, and desert shrubbery with this distinctive candle that offers a fragrance that stands out.

Thoughtful Chanukah Addition: Enhance your Chanukah celebrations with this special candle, designed to complement the holiday spirit with its deep and spicy aroma.

Exotic Ingredient Blend: Crafted with top-quality ingredients including Cypress, Balm Of Gilead, Desert Juniper, Cedar, Saffron, and Amber, creating a rich and captivating scent profile.


  • Holiday edition fragrance
  • Portable desert candle
  • Top notes: Cypress, Balm Of Gilead
  • Heart points: Desert Juniper, Ceder
  • Base notes: Saffron, Amber
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Blended wax, ensuring even and consistent burning
  • Cotton wick for a clean and steady burn
  • Approximately 60 hours, providing an extended period of aromatic enjoyment
  • Makes for a thoughtful and elegant gift option for loved ones