DS & DURGA Parquet Leather Candle | 7oz



Basketball is one of America's greatest gifts. It's a sport, but it's a culture tied in with music and fashion. B-ball changes over time, reflecting the world it is part of. The odd history of hanging peach baskets in a gymnasium seems distant from the global phenomenon it has become. What does the journey of basketball smell like? What ties it together, and how has it evolved? The answer: the leather ball, the sneakers, the rubber ball, and the wood of parquet floors. A court vision of orange leather, maplewood, red oak parquet, & fancy sneakers.


  • Top Notes: Orange Leather, Peach Baskets
  • Heart Notes: Red Oak, Rubber
  • Base Notes: Maple Wood, Kicks
  • Soy vegetable wax
  • Burn Time: approx. 50-60 hours
  • Weight: 7 oz./ 198 g
  • Made in New York