Elite Sterzo Smart Interactive Steering Block

By Elite


Choose your path in Zwift with the Elite STERZO Smart. An electronic Riser Block with steering functionality for your front wheel, the STERZO features a rotating pivot that offers top-notch stability while riding indoors and ensures maximum freedom of wheel movement while you choose your lane in Zwift. With an automatic return system, you’ll be able to return your handlebars to their original position. Pair via Bluetooth and ride like you’re on the road!


  • Electronic Riser Block with steering functionality.
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to enable on road steering.
  • Automatic return system for you to easily get the handlebar back to its original position.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet on its base for you to have even more stability in your rides as well as protecting contact surfaces from any potential scratches and abrasions.
  • Made from a raised support in fiber-reinforced polymeric material
    Patent-pending rotating pivot for you to easily place the front wheel of your bicycle
  • Accommodates tires as wide as 56mm
    up to 34° rotation on each side
  • Powered up by AAA batteries (included), battery lifetime is 600 hours.