Fer à Cheval Marseille Household Complete Cleaning Set

By Fer a Cheval


This Sportique exclusive bundle is a curated set of elegantly crafted cleaning products for your home. It includes some incredibly enticing offers from the world renowned French soap manufacturer Fer à Cheval. Within this set is Fer à Cheval's liquid black soap (1L), dishwashing soap (500ml), floor cleaner soap (1 liter), stain removing soap bar (300g), and their concentrated liquid laundry soap. The five essential items to keep your home as beautiful and clean as you are.

The items in this set are specifically formulated to minimize the risk of allergies with 99% of ingredients of natural origin, it does not contain any carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances (CMR). 

Black Liquid Soap

The liquid black soap is an economical and multi-use cleaner; a little dose is enough to thoroughly clean, degrease, nourish and polish all kinds of interior or exterior surfaces. It can also be used to wash laundry and to remove difficult stains on clothes or linen. Formulated from olive oil, and without any conservatives, dyes or fragrance, it is an environmentally-friendly detergent.

Dishwashing Soap

The dishwashing liquid made from Marseille soap combines degreasing efficiency and gentle care for the skin. Its concentrated and Provencal olive-scent formula make your dishes shine without traces.

Floor Cleaner

Recommended for all types of washable floor surfaces, this floor cleaner effectively removes grease and grime leaving the house pleasantly fragranced with the scent of Provençal olive. Its unique allergen-free* formula is made from authentic Marseille soap known for its effective degreasing and hypoallergenic properties.

Stain Removing Soap Bar

The 300g stain remover remove even the most stubborn stains. Its concave shape eases your grip on the soap while its thin grooves improves efficiency. Without any preservatives, dyes or additives, and made with Marseille soap, the stain remover is environmentally-friendly, delicate for laundry, hypoallergenic and very economical. Presented in an authentic and refined package, the Marseille soap is a natural, effective and healthy alternative for skin care and housekeeping.

Concentrated Liquid Laundry Soap

This concentrated laundry liquid is made from authentic Marseille soap known for its stain remover properties. It’s effective at low temperatures on the most stubborn stains, respects colors and brings
freshness to your laundry.