Fig + Yarrow Tooth Powder | Cornmint + Lavender 2.5 oz

By Fig+Yarrow


Looking for a good natural toothpaste? The Fig + Yarrow Cornmint+Lavender Tooth Powder has everything you need to maintain your oral heath and appearance. It is formulated based on traditional and contemporary wisdom. When used daily it will provide the protection needed for teeth, gums and tongue. Fight plaque and bad breath anywhere you go, this liquid free toothpaste is ideal for traveling.
  • White clay, sea salt and baking soda are naturally brightening, lightening, deodorizing, alkalizing and mildly abrasive.
  • Aloe vera is healing, soothing, plaque-reducing and anti-inflammatory.
  • Xylitol possesses plaque reducing properties and is a natural, non-plaque-feeding, sweetener.
  • Myrrh's exception antiseptic, antimicrobial and astringent properties make it excellent for overall gum health.
  • Neem is a highly regarded Ayurvedic herb with formidable properties that support healthy teeth, gums and fresh breath.
  • Essential oils of cornmint and lavender contribute to the anti-bacterial qualities and uniquely delicious flavor of this formulation.
    • Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), White kaolin clay, Xylitol (non-GMO), Sodium chloride (Salt of the Dead Sea), Stevia rebaudiana (stevia)*, Commiphora Myrrha (myrrh)‡, Azadirachta indica (neem)*, Aloe ferox (aloe)*, Elettaria cardamomum (cardamom), essential oils of Mentha arvensis (cornmint), Foeniculum vulgare (fennel), Lavendula angustifolia (lavender)*. *certified organic,‡wildcrafted
    • Model: TP25