Geigerrig Hydration Engine | 2L

By Geigerrig


The 2L Hydration Engine works with most hydration backpacks. Where standard hydration packs allowed for the use by only one person, the Geigerrig hydration engine transforms the way portable water can be shared, sprayed, cleaned, and carried. The 2L hydration system is dishwasher safe. 

  • Weight:  .55 lbs 
  • Length:  12" 
  • Width:     7"  
  • The Engine: Slide Top, Water Tube, Air Tube, Reservoir, and Power Bulb. (Power bulb has a depressurization button, but you can also depressurize by disconnecting the tube from the bulb.  Either way works just fine.)
  • Wide Mouth: The Engine has a large, wide-mouth opening for easy refill with water and ice. It also provide convenience for maintenance, cleaning and drying. Reversible and dishwasher safe (top shelf).
  • Slide Top: The Hydrapak Slide Top provides a very strong seal that is leak free and holds back the pressure of the GEIGERRIG system. .
  • Quick Release Valves: Unthreading the pressure tube and drinking tube from your hydration pack every time you want to refill or clean your hydration engine is inconvenient. The quick release valves allow you to easily disconnect the tubes and leave them positioned in the hydration pack while you remove the reservoir for filling and cleaning.
  • Filter Ready: Ready for plug-and-play, on-the-go, in-line water filtration using a GEIGERRIG filter or other in-line filters.  The water found along the trail is now available for your use--ON-THE-GO!
  • and 7. Reversible Reservoir that is Dishwasher Safe (Top Shelf): .Reach down inside through the large wide-mouth opening, grab the port at the bottom of the Engine, and turn the system inside out for placement in the top shelf of the dishwasher or for easy cleaning and drying in your sink.
  • NOTE:   GEIGERRIG Engines have nylon fabric sealed to the back of the reservoir to provide extra protection against other items carried in your pack.  Also, the inside of the pack has a nylon holster to protect, girdle and hold your Pressurized GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine.
  • G2 070 OZ