Geigerrig Virus Filter | Red/Black

By Geigerrig


Hydrate safely and confidently with the Geigerrig Virus Filter. Providing high flows and long service life in a compact and light weight cartridge, this filter is an essential to any Geigerrig hydration system. Simply plug it into any Geigerrig drinking tube and start hydrating. 

  • Plug and play
  • Certified to remove greater than 99.9% Protozoans (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), greater than 99.9999% Bacteria (Raoutella terrigena), greater than 99.99% Viruus (MS-2 Bacteriophage).
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI / NSF Standard 53 for removal of Protozoan cysts, Bacteria, and Virus.
  • Weight - 1.05 oz. / Length - 5 Inches
  • Model: G4 125 FL