GoScope® Clutch – GoPro Hand Grip

By GoScope

$18.95 $24.95

The GoScope® Clutch is a hand held grip attachment for the GoPro® Hero HD Camera. For use on the all GoPro® Cameras, INCLUDING the NEW GoPro® HD Hero3+!

– Comes ready to attach to your GoPro® Camera
– Super lightweight: 4 Ounces
– Comfortable Wrist Strap and Handle
– Fits in your backpack
– Mounts on Two Sides (Capable of Holding Two Cameras)
– Durable in Saltwater, Freshwater, and Snow
– Indestructible: Made of Forged Aluminum and Poly-carbonate

Where-ever your GoPro® Hero can go, the GoScope can go too. Get those unbelievable footages that look like you have your own personal videographer.
SCOPE IT OUT! With The best GoPro Pole out there!