Gravity Duvet Covers | Single

By Gravity Blankets


Already have one of our popular Gravity Blankets? Customize your sleep style with a brand-new duvet cover! Available in our classic colors as well as fresh new patterns, our duvet covers will revitalize any room.

  • Duvet covers are fitted for our single-sized blankets (72" x 48"). We do not currently sell separate duvet covers for our Queen / King Blankets.
  • The original micro-plush duvet cover comes in Grey, Navy, or Ivory (100% polyester).
  • The cooling duvet cover (first-generation) is available in our flagship Grey (a breathable poly-spandex blend)
  • The gorgeous Vineyard Brush, Sea Shore Stripe, and Midnight Iceberg are all made of a cooling polyester fabric that's 100% breathable and wicks away moisture from the body during use.
  • The luxurious Sand Linen is made of a premium linen-cotton mix (10% linen, 90% cotton).
  • All duvet covers are machine-washable for easy cleanup!
  • Please note! This item does not include the weighted inner piece of a Gravity Blanket. This is ONLY the duvet cover.