HiFiMan HE-R10P BT Headphones with Bluemini | Black/Wood

By HiFiMan


HiFiMan Electronics has announced not one, but two HE-R10 headphones that appear very intentionally similar to the legendary Sony MDR-R10 produced from 1989 to the late 1990s at a price of $2,500 USD. The "R10" was a luxurious, organic sounding closed-back headphone from Japan with uniquely shaped wood ear cups. It was known to use natural materials in its dynamic drivers as well, which gave Sony's flagship headphone a limited number of high-performance years. HiFiMan is capitalizing on the supply and demand imbalance in the R10 used market. Today, used pairs in good condition can fetch more than $8,000 from headphone collectors.

Planar Magnetic Expertise To design the HE-R10P headphones, HiFiMan says it applied all its planar magnetic design expertise, successfully featuring a nano scale thickness diaphragm that the company states, "produces unmatched levels of detail with low distortion." The exterior of the HE-R10P is made of all-natural lambskin surrounding high-grade memory foam for maximum comfort and elasticity. The headband skeleton is constructed of solid steel.

Adding to the overall fit of the headphone are HiFiMan’s “Tranquility” earpads, featuring high-quality suede on the outside, with a ring-shaped inner surface to absorb sound and prevent leakage, thereby focusing the sound on the listener’s ear. The contact edge is constructed of highly permeable material further to ensure comfort for hours-long listening sessions.

Just as the headphone’s components are top-shelf, the cable, too, represents a new design. A single-crystal, silver-plated structure is highlighted by a high strand count and other elements to guarantee low signal loss and total strength to withstand hours of daily use. Also, the TRSS plug/socket solution allows for a direct balanced input routed to the appropriate drivers.


  • Frequency Response : 10Hz-60kHz
  • Impendence : 30Ω
  • Sensitivity : 100dB
  • Weight : 460g
  • Socket : 3.5mm Balanced