HiFiMAN Shangri La Sr Amplifier & Headphone Set | Black

By HiFiMan


The Shangri La Sr Amplifier and Black Headphone Set is HiFiMan's ultimate flagship electrostatic headphone & amplifier. Through years of trial and error HiFiMan has researched and created the highest quality headphones out there. The name, Shangri La, represents an idyllic sonic Eden where music listening nears perfection. The nanotech driver is less than 0.001 mm. The amplifier gives you lightening fast response with basically zero distortion. With a nano-particle coated sub-micrometer thickness diaphragm providing you with an unsurpassed high frequency response, there is nothing else you could need. HiFiMan's rad new technology resulted in the metal mesh stators working in proximity to the ultra-thin diaphragm provide superior openness and less distortion than other headphones. THe headphones allow you to hear a wide range of frequencies so you will never miss a beat. This one of a kind amplifier is cutom designed, custom made, made with 300B Tubes as the warm beating heart which pumps the audio lifeblood of the Shangri-La. Uniquely desinged, the Shangri-La's relay-based attenuator has a 24 step level of volume control and utilizes a total of 23 separate resistors. Every volume level being unique and independent. Mere noise gives way to a pure and heavenly reproduction of any harmony. 

Headphone: Frequency Response: : 7Hz -120kHz 
Bias Voltage: 550-650V 
Weight: 13.2oz (374g) 
Product: Amplifier 
Weight: 35lb (16kg) 
Dimensions: 17.32" x 18.11" x 13.39" (437.8*458.9*335.8mm)