HMM Exacto Scissors White



We improved everyday scissors, giving them the high precision of craft scissors.
The blades are made of 420 Japanese stainless steel, and the delicate tips showcase the craftsman’s exquisite skill refined through the years. At 18.5g, the scissors are extremely lightweight. They are light, easy to carry, and very easy to use.
For the Exacto’s bows, the more expensive process of insert double inject is adopted, where the soft material enhances comfort and stiff material transmits force fully to the tips of the blades. By combining both soft and hard materials, it makes cutting more effortless, while providing fingers greater comfort. DuPont’s Teflon is one of the world’s best non-stick coatings, and it allows the Exacto to resist the adhesives when cutting through tapes.
The leather case is equipped with a fastening mechanism that prevents the Exatco from slipping out. The case is made of Italian semi vegetable tanned leather, which gives rich luster and stretch.


  • Package included One scissors, one leather case
  • Material Japanese stainless steel, teflon coating, semi-tanned leather
  • Dimension 133*60*7mm
  • Weight 19.2g
  • Made in Taiwan