HMM Rule/One Ruler & Pen Set | Black


$27 $60

A timeless addition to HMM's Classy Work Collection - the Black Rule/One draws its inspiration from the interactions a location can have on the process of drafting a design. This uniquely elegant pen-ruler combination makes use of a droplet-shaping to perfectly fit most notebooks and act as a bookmark. The multifunctional Rule/One tool features interchangeable heads which offer versatile performance on paper, tablets - and most importantly, on the go.

  • Finely crafted milled aluminum body
  • 60g, 138*25*11mm
  • Interchangeable heads for different uses (ballpoint, stylus, lanyard). The changeable screw is on the top of the ruler, NOT on the back of the pen.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Model: CW-001