HMM W Coffee Glass, Heat-Proof, Stackable, Handmade by Artisans - Clear



The glasses are made by local craftsmen of Taiwan using recycled glass. Inspired by the concept of the cycle of life, the hours of the clock are transformed into twelve elegant angles.Amber color - Utilizing the glass-dyeing technique, the glasses are given a mature, amber hue, creating unique aesthetics through the inter-reaction of the glass, light, and contained beverage.The integrated glass handle is practical and heat-proof, the tapered bottom allows easy stacking, and the angled exterior and circular inner surface enable easy cleaning. Savor this cup of time with more leisure and elegance, and realize unlimited prospects of circular economy and environmental friendliness. MATERIAL Recycled Glass by Spring Pool Glass SGS certified: Comply with US FDA and Europe EC standards SIZE 117*89*81mm WEIGHT 290±10g CAPACITY 300±10ml INSTRUCTION Hot water is fine. Avoid sharp change of the temperature.[Descriptions]


  • Comply with US FDA and Europe EC standards
  • Size 117*89*81 mm
  • Weight 290±10 g
  • Capacity 300±10 ml
  • Material: Recycled Glass by Spring Pool Glass SGS certified

Made in Taiwan